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Welcome back, both of ye! ^__^ Always good to hear of good professional news and good stories!

Please feel free to PM me or another mod if you have any questions. Just to catch you up:

- We're under new ownership as of a year or so ago. Raps is still around somewhere, though.

- We're on new servers, which should help with the sheer volume of posts in our backlog; as a result of this, the Search system has had its restraints removed, and you can pretty much look back as far as you like to dig up yer old stories, with no more 100-result limit!

- Please take a gander at the site rules subforum when you can; the stickies and most recently-updated threads on there should give you a good idea of what to look out for The rules haven't changed all that much over the years, and still basically boil down to "Don't' be a jerk."
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