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And I have passed it on.


When this "theory" spreads and you folks start hearing about it from other folks...remember, you saw it here first!
That makes two on my list of accomplishments.

The first was when the following happened:

When I became engaged to Mrs. IA her mother approved, saying she was after she would be like her single maidenly aunt. Mrs. IA replied in shock that she was not a lesbian. Her mother said her aunt wasn't a lesbian, just a very successful woman.

I have since passed that description of the several lesbians, who agreed with it. I'm waiting to hear it repeated.

As for the aunt she had very close lady friend. Judging from the vintage photograph books she had, she was definitely into the ladies.

The other conspiracy theory I tried to start was in response to an Omni magazine contest. My submission was that the Air Force already had a manned base on the far side of the moon and all the UFOs being sighted were their moon ships. It never got mentioned in the magazine, so it must be true.
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