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A new era
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Default A new era

As most of you know, my precious, loving kitty slipped away last September. She had cancer - a particularly aggressive kind - and had to be put to sleep.

I've visited several shelters, and finally, today, I went to pick up my chosen kitten.

He's eight months old, and had been hit by a car. His tail and one of his back legs had to be amputated. They neutered him at the same time, and he's healthy. He's very sweet, and he's been exploring my place since he was let out of the carrier.

The people at the shelter were urging me to adopt a second kitty, since this boy will need a friend. They had two particular cats in mind, and I took at look at each of them.

I came home with a bag of cat food, a bag of kitty litter, a litter box, and two kitties. The other one, a female, is hiding under my bed. Food and water are out for them, and the litter boxes have been filled with fresh litter.

The woman from the shelter drove us home, along with the litter and box and food.

What did all this cost?

The adoption fee for one kitty. They gave me the second for free.