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Linux Gurus -- I need you again...
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Default Linux Gurus -- I need you again...

I have no idea where to start here. I have an Ubuntu Linux machine with two HDDs in it. It's a newer Linux version (19, I think, I'll have to look) The primary drive works fine, but I have one named ThreeT (for Three Terabyte).

I have (or had, anyway) this drive "shared out" to my Windows network. The problem is, for some reason, I can no longer access it via my Windows network. And when I go to my Linux file explorer (whatever it's called, I forget) I can see the drive, but when I click on it to access it, the tab name shows "ThreeT1" (a 1 is appended). I can access the files there, but only on my Linux computer, not from my Windows one.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I'm hoping that the drive isn't becoming corrupted or something.
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