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You Forgot Pants, Miss.
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Default You Forgot Pants, Miss.

Big shopping/girls day out with my brother's girlfriend today.

Long story short, pitstop at one of the small drink shops, waiting in line behind a girl who at not only first but second and third glance (yes, I'm a sicko) who appeared to have no pants on.

Turns out, she was just a throwback Snooki type (see girl under 5 feet and thick) wearing those super unflattering high waisted shorts, and there wasn't much shorts to them, along with one of those longer dusters (they call them cardigans, but no, they aren't cardigans, they are dusters). Therefore the illusion of no pants. And yes, she was wearing a crop top....a shirt that barely covers the camisole underneath.....belly about hanging out of her jeans up to her ribcage.
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