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Today's update in this saga.

I got another call from the attorney.

Apparently this deal needs sign-off from people throughout the state government. She didn't know just how much sign-off was needed, because this is a pretty unusual set of events.

So, the Director has signed off on it.

Then it went to the Senior Counsel for that entire branch of state gov, and he signed off on it.

Now it's gone to the state government's HR branch's legal division for approval, and when *that* comes in, they say it'll be ready for me to sign.

From the sound of it, this has to be approved by a number of lawyers in different offices, on top of the Director. I guess this sort of thing doesn't come up very often.

In any case, I've got a 3-day National Guard drill this weekend, starting on Friday morning, so I'll probably go and sign the agreement early next week.