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I have a feeling someone may be fired after everything is said and done...
I am wondering about that. Now, my former boss is off his probationary period, and is protected rather strongly, so it would take a LOT of paperwork to fire him, and hearings ect.

. . .and I'm wondering if the evidence in this case and this entire mess is being processed now by the Director and lawyers as the start of such a paper trail to terminate or demote him.

It would account for the explosive reaction he had to the news of the settlement too, if he was told at the same time that due to the settlement and its costs to the agency and the violations of the law he caused that they are trying to fix, that they are going to start the paperwork to demote or terminate him.

It would be long paperwork, and very involved paperwork and take 6 months to a year to do it. . .but they could start it, and the Director of the agency sending the file on my issue to the senior counsel for that entire branch of the government would be a way to start the process.