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. . .and just got a callback. Attorney at the State Gov's HR office has agreed to all the terms of the agreement, no problems, there is just a procedural disagreement between the lawyers on how to word one single clause, relating to asking the Personnel Board to drop the pending action so it doesn't go on the record. They are arguing over if that can that even be in the agreement that I agree to drop the complaint, or can it instead just be that both parties recommend to drop it, basically figuring out how to best word the part of the settlement that tries to keep it all off the books.

You'd think that it would be a pretty boilerplate thing, but from the sounds of it, they don't have settlements like this very often. They usually settle before there's a recommended judgement (so it didn't get this far), so my situation is slightly unusual in that regard.

The positive takeaway is that everyone has agreed to all the basic terms: Nobody in any of the offices that has reviewed it has objected to me getting my job back, back pay, seniority, ect. Now they are just bickering over how to word one clause relating to keeping this whole mess from going on the record (which is a very lawyer thing to do I guess).