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Hmm I have a couple ideas..will post them here one at a time to see which you will accept . The first is sort of like one of the current Warehouse 13 people..only male instead of female...*laughs* I think you will know who it is based off of

Name - Thad Winston. Age: 16. Thad is a punk rocking, skateboarding, super hacker. He lost his parents at 13, and promptly escaped from the orphanage. Using his hacking ability he lives a somewhat comfortable lifestyle, always just one step ahead of the law. He loves to taunt and torment said law also. Leaving little pranks in his wake, making fools of the agents chasing him. His look is mostly a cross between grunge and punk rocker, but he is never far from his backpack and skateboard. He's a daredevil, often escaping bodily harm or death just by pure luck and the skin of his teeth. Currently holed up in Las one of the more expensive suites.

Description - 5'8, 175 blond hair, green eyes.

What do you think?
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