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Liam - Cantwell Park

Liam regards what the little folk say for a moment. His reaction is as if speaking to the wee folk is a normal every day thing. After a silent moment, "Alright ye can find him fer me. What do Oi need ta do fer ye?"

Riley - In the Lobby

Seeing as there is about to be a fight and everyone is watching the two men Riley strides across the room to the main desk. Setting her face in a scowl she yells out as loud as she can glaring at the nearest hapless front desk worker, "HEY DAMMIT! The toilet in my room still isn't working! I called down here half an hour ago and no one has come up to see about it yet! You told me it would only be 15 minutes! I WANT A MANAGER NOW!" She punctuates each sentence by slamming the counter as loudly as she can.