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This is the tally so far:

Columbus, OH > Hebron, KY approx 130 miles
Hebron, KY > Stow, OH approx 250 miles

Stow, OH is a minimum of 140 miles from Toledo, so at the very least at this point, my package will have traveled some 500 miles before it reaches my door.

If they'd put it on a truck directly for Toledo, it would have traveled only about 130-140 miles.

Oh, and one thing I find particularly amusing (not really) about this is: On that leg from Hebron to Stow, the truck traveled THROUGH COLUMBUS. The package's city of origin.

My old instructor in boot camp had a phrase for things this fracked up. 'Gotta be a communist plot.'

Still betting this thing hits Chicago before it gets to me.

EDIT: ANOTHER UPDATE: Oh, this is priceless!

It's still in Stow, OH. Where it's been handed off to the delivery service (I presume USPS). Where it's STILL about the same distance as it was from its destination (just in a different direction) from where this whole fiasco started.

So many questions. I mean, why is this even a thing? At least two different carriers, pingponging hundreds of miles for several days, just to reach a destination that was literally only a couple hours' drive in the first place? Can anyone enlighten me?

EDIT: YET ANOTHER UPDATE. OMG. The more I watch this the more ludicrous it gets.

The package traveled BACK to Columbus. From whence it originated.
This sounds a bit like The Twilight Zone meets the Three Stooges.

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