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It's been over a decade since I last did much by way of technical things with computers.
So I'm a li'l out of touch (Lovely Lady tells me this all the time....)

This is an old drive from a Windows 2000 machine. IDE interface. It hasn't been used in a long time and data that is contained on it has suddenly become important.
It was working flawlessly when it was retired in 2013.

It spins up. No strange noises. BIOS detects it properly. I've tried it with both one of the USB to IDE thingies (which works fine with my other drives) and connecting it directly to an older computer that still has a working IDE controller. Nothing.

I see a lot of hype for EASEUS. Can anyone tell me if it's worth the money, or recommend something better? Or give me some suggestions on what I can do to revive this thing?