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The Unofficial "FUCK 2017" Celebrity Death Thread
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Default The Unofficial "FUCK 2017" Celebrity Death Thread

(mods, please sticky this, pretty please?)

Figured I'd get this out of the way. If the mods sticky/approve this, this thread should function as an announcement thread for celebrity deaths in 2017. As such, please follow these rules:

Please only include deaths that happened between 12:00 am, 1/1/ - 11:59 pm 12/31/2017

Include a credible news sources, ie: TMZ, CNN, Eonline, etc. The death must be posted to one of these sites to be considered. NO HOAXES, PLEASE!!

State the celebrities' name, and their claim to fame (or infamy, as the case may be. )

Their celebrity status should not be limited to entertainers. Minor/local celebrities may be included also, so long as where their fame was is included.

Have fun, and may this thread be short!