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((oh hay ))

Ananda opened the door, and couldn't restrain the jump, like she'd been pinched, when she registered that these were mutants. Mutants too. ... She'd have to get used to that now.
It was still strange to see people who were like comic book characters. The college student eyed the two professionals as the blue-haired lady told her why they were on her parents' doorstep.
"Time is an issue, we would appreciate a response quickly." Ananda tore her eyes away from the sword on her back-- "Okay. How "International" is this?" The quotes were obvious, as was her jaundiced tone. "Who knows about this?" ... the other woman was about to open her mouth, but Ananda cut in with one last question, feeling like an idiot. "And why is time an issue?"
"Is it the lie that keeps you sane? Is this the lie that keeps you sane?What is it?Can it be?Ought it to exist?"
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