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Eventually everybody arrives at the address..and once inside realizes that the dimensions inside do not match those of the outside. A figure in a red robe meets everybody, and ushers them into an enormous circular room, this one room would put most baseball stadiums to shame size wise.

From the opposite side of the room, several figures start filing in. Some are easily recognized, some you have no clue who..or what they are. Eventually some very easily recognized figures enter the room.

The first is rather tall, and seems to be several different people all sewn together. Rather large bolts are on each side of this figures neck. Yet despite the stories, he seems to walk with a dignified grace.

The next is even bigger, which is hard to believe, and covered in hair from tip of the head to the feet. Standing well over 9' tall, with muscular shoulders wider then most people are tall, yet their .. hands..paws..whatever you wanted to call them touched the ground. Red glowing piercing eyes scan the assembled people gathered. Razor sharp claws and talons complete the intimidating look.

It is the next person, however, that sends chills down even the stoutest of you. It is not the size or look that causes concern, but an aura of power that just exudes from the person. He is quite handsome, young looking, and seems downright .. normal compared to most of the others..but you notice the others seem to defer to him, and try to stay out of his way. At first you think he might be your 'host', but he steps aside like the others. His Victorian dress suggests he might be Vlaad Dracule..the vampire in the group would have absolutely no doubt that the figure is indeed the first vampire.

Finally another figure comes in. He is about 5'8", dressed in a simple black t-shirt, and black denim jeans. He seems perfectly human, and he does not have the commanding aura of the previous person. He is a little rugged (think looking like Hugh Jackman), however. He goes to the center, and begins to speak. "Ladies, gentlemen, and .. other." He looks around the room as that gets a polite chuckle. "Some of you know why we are here tonight, some of you don't. Not too long ago, of the most dangerous devils in the nine hells, escaped the prison we lost so many to lock him in. We know he is going to wake his general and lieutenants..and that they will seek to awaken their army..and then..they will be coming for us." His gaze is quite piercing as he looks everybody in the eye.

"Even if it were not for the fact that we are going to be his first target, however, we would still be here. We must protect the humans from this fiend. The entire world is in danger, every man, woman, and child." There are some murmurs as he turns to face each person, only a few seem willing to meet his gaze.

Finally a harpy speaks up. "We lost so many last time we fought him. Our numbers, even with the children that were had, are a quarter of what they were. Can we even defeat him this time?" there are some worried whispering in agreement of the question.

"We have no choice!" Says the rather large hairy person forcefully. "I have some pups here, mere children, because we need all the help we can get, but I will be a lap dog before I tuck my tail between my legs and run!"

"Run where?" The accent of the man with the powerful aura is .. interesting. "Van Helsing and our hairy friend here is right. We FIGHT, and this prisons..we send him back to the pits where he belongs..for good!" Some strong applause and shouts of agreement are heard from the crowd.

"ENOUGH!" When the man in the middle, apparently called Van Helsing speaks..there is instant respectful silence. "We know the general and lieutenants will use the few minions they have to go after seven relics that will allow them to restore their army to full strength. We must not only keep them from them, but we must destroy the general and lieutenants to weaken Malbozia enough to destroy him once and for all." He looks at the new members ((that would be you)). "This is not really your fight..he will come after you because you are what you are..but everybody here would understand if you decide not to participate. Understand this, however..if you do not bring the fight to him..he will bring the fight to you. Will you help? Will you fight to protect those who possibly might try to kill you if they learn who and what you are?"
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