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Lingering Grin: The reason we make you do it anyway is because the average cable subscriber can't be trusted to have done it right. "Pull the power cord from the box, please." "Um, is that the one where it says HDMI?" *facepalm*

DevilBoy: Dead on. The majority of CSR's will actually skip the unnecessary steps to speed the process along, but some customers you do need to follow the 'flowchart' if your company does use one (mine doesn't.)

PepperElf: Please, please don't. It's insulting, and I'd hate to call you out when I pull a reading off the box, and it reports that it's been online for 1 day, 12 hours, 18 minutes, 10 seconds. And believe me, if you pull that, I will call you out and make you feel stupid.

Naaman: Please, watch the broad paintbrush. My company's script is "Thank you for calling Awesome Cable Company, where *national high speed product* is faster than ever, my name is *agent's name,* how may I help you?" We do not script beyond that, because it's unnecessary. We pay well, we train very well, and we expect a lot from our agents because the customer-facing agent is the primary source of new revenue. I do know there are some cable companies which require scripting *cough*Comcast*cough,* but again, it ain't all of us and we resent being thought of in that way.