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The Tweaker: Check her file, it's all valium, xanax, etc. She's literally hopping from one foot to the other and hyperventilating when she hands you yet another emergency script for 12 xanax. Asks if she can go down to Starbucks for a coffee while she waits. At close to midnight.

The Procrastinator: Hands me scripts that are standard ones for surgery of some type: a pain killer, an antibiotic, a NSAID, etc. dated for 3 weeks ago, then tells me that they need this "as soon as possible" for they are already late for their appointment.

Mr./Ms. Forgetful: I forgot to call in for my refill, I need it As Soon As Possible (oh, how I hate that phrase). When informed that the current wait is an hour long, which it should have been painfully obvious that we are busy by the fact that there's 10 people vulturing about the waiting area, throws a hissy.

The Medicaid patients that shouldn't be: Get all peeved if there's a small copay on something (usually the case for some narcotics or uber-expensive meds) yells for a bit, whips out a freaking razr cell phone to call someone, then grudgingly pulls out an italian leather wallet out of their gucci purse and tosses a few bucks at you. These ones piss me off more than anything. >

The Insurance idjits: Got new insurance and didn't bring the card, and got mad when you ask for the new coverage (I don't have to do any of this, they could just buy the stuff at retail and send the claim in the old fashioned way), or they don't understand what their coverage does and does not cover, or complain that their copay has never been this high (always so gratifying when you look back in their records and get to smugly inform them that either it used to be more expensive or that they've been paying the same price for a year).
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