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I am not allowed to do “arts and crafts” with the box the new flyers come in. I am especially not allowed to make a spongebob design on said box and wear it around the store. It’s a very long kinda rectangular box.

I am not allowed to do above with a “shocked spongebob” or a “crying spongebob” and then wear it in front of the crab tanks. Nor am I to get my coworkers to take a picture of me doing so while pointing at the crabs and titling it with any reference to Mr. Crabs or his future dismemberment. Or to “swallowing him whole”.

I am not allowed to make a Patrick box and rope a coworker into doing any of the above with me.

I am not allowed to wear big googly eyes on my glasses covering my real eyes. No matter how entertaining everyone finds it.
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