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What is wrong with you????

SC: What happened last night?
Me: We're not authorized to discuss it, all questions must be directed to the corporate office.
SC: Well can you discuss it with a cop? *flashes a badge at me but when I try to read it he snaps it shut*
Me: No.
SC: ...oh ah hahaha...uh, I wouldn't make you do that anyway.
Me: ...

Creeeeeepy. That's the kind of 'cop' who flashes his lights to get women to pull over and then they're never heard from again. j/k...kindasortanotreally. That's just...weird. You'd think if he were a real cop he could get the inside info himself.

Bahahahah to the customers and their 'I was doing that already!' If we had a dime for every customer who gave us that bullshit after they screwed something up, we'd all, well...we'd have a lot of fucking dimes.