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Quoth BrenDAnn View Post
What I don't get is (and I say this with full awareness of what site I'm on) why the FUCK don't they read the instructions on the pump itself?
I ask myself this every time a SC doesn't read a sale sign or tries to use a coupon for something it won't work on. How many problems in this world could be avoided if people would RTFD?
Quoth BrenDAnn View Post
Better yet...why do they choose to be dicks when us, the lowly C-Store clerks, go out and lend them a hand? "I was DOING that!"... no, no you weren't. Also, Gaki, my sympathies for actually having to explain to someone that punching things is bad. Wow.
Yep, Percussive Maintenance© only works for The Doctor. The rest of us have to follow the directions.

As to why they chose to be dicks, well, they feel we "made them look bad". Never mind that they made themselves look bad by not reading and following the directions, then pitching a conniption fit and taking it out on the machine.
I don't have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem.
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