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I got to tell off a SC and her brat once for shit like this. Caught them coming out of the [coffee store] bathroom and when they opened the door to leave the bathroom the wall could be clearly seen quite literally painted in shit. I totally get that toilet training a kid is a challenge (mind the age of the kid looked he probably should have figure that out by now) and I get that sometimes accidents happen. But that parent had to have sat back and watched her spawn go to town. As they were leaving I heard the mother say, and I quote “That’s what the staff are for.”

Yes it’s the staff’s responsibility to ensure standards exist and are met. But it’s also the customer’s responsibility to try and leave things in as clean a manner as it was when they went in.

Yeah, but since I was a paying customer and not my place of employment (plus not being in uniform) I was able to tell them off without repercussions. Got a free drink too for no doubt saying what the staff wish they could say but weren’t allowed to say.

She knew where I was employed (the downside to having ridden national and international when younger is that my face had been televised before) though and tried to tell my boss what awful customer service I had and my boss was like “was she in uniform? And did it happen on her workplace’s property? No? Then fuck off lady.” Also since she isn’t one of our customers and could never afford to be Boss has no fucks to give about catering to entitled pricks.
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