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Please note the slight adjustment to the Site Rules regarding privacy. See the bolded part below:
C. Forum Guidelines

1. Don't Give Out Personal Information
In order to register on these forums, we require an email address. This is so we can verify your account status in case of a lost password, illegal access to your account, etc. Your email address may also be used by the board staff to contact you on issues that require your attention. Please note that ONLY mods and admins have access to your email address, and under no circumstances whatsoever will they disclose it to anyone else. Other members of the board do not have your contact information, unless you provide it to them on your own. Whether or not to share personal information such as your email address, your AIM, your ICQ, your name, your city, your picture, etc., is YOUR decision and YOUR responsibility, so please be careful. We cannot be held accountable for any problems that result from your giving out this information. For instance if you post you picture understand that someone may recognize you. (Due to the nature of this site, we recommend that you give out as little as possible.) By the same token, do not give out the private information of anyone else - be they fellow forumers, SCs, or whatever. This includes publicly asking another member where they work, or publicly posting or attempting to guess where they work. It's none of your business!
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