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I've got a few more,

People who smell and are generally dirty - either like alcohol, b.o. or cigarettes.

People who have yucky teeth or have chew in their mouth, I understand some people can't afford dental, but then there are those who can afford to at least take care of their teeth - and don't.

The lonely people (or kinda crazy too) who trap you and talk and talk and talk and talk. . . . One guy actually tried to sing to me, for no reason (he was a little touched in the head though)!

When I approach someone and say, "can I help you find anything" or something along those lines, they reply, "no just looking." A co-worker will be two seconds behind me and ask the same question, the customers replies, "yes, do you have?" or "I want to see this." Happens to me all too often (although it happens in reverse too, I'll be the one behind my co-worker).

People who ask me a question about something, I'll answer to the best of my knowledge, they say "thank you" turn around and ask a co-worker of mine and get the same answer. What you didn't believe me?

People who are testing out either a camcorder, camera, CD player, whatever and they can't figure out how to get it to work, although they won't give up and hand it to me - who knows how to work the item. They just keep fiddling with it.

I'm sure there are a ton more out there that we're all missing

This area is left blank for a reason.