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I voted for the signs. It's been a plague lately.

- Girl makes a lap around the store glancing casually at everything. Girl makes second lap around the store looking more intently at everything. Girl makes third lap around the store, peering down every aisle as if looking for a friend, during which she refuses my offer to help. Girl makes fourth lap around the store glowering at the merchandise. Finally, on her fifth lap, she huffs, "WHERE are your MP3 players?!" I reply, "Up front, under the big black and yellow sign that says 'MP3 Players.'"
- Guy is looking at projectors. "Do these ever go on sale?" The model he wants is on sale. The tag says "Reg Price $1299. Sale Price $1149 after $150 In-Store Rebate. Offer Ends 7/15/06."
- See the giant copy of our return policy on the wall next to you? THAT'S where it says we can't take back your four-year-old and broken laptop, even if you claim you bought it here and found it in its current condition when you opened the box.

My other pet-peeves.
- Call-In Price Matching: If Other Store a block away from me has what you want on sale, why do you call me from home to ask if I'll price match it? The whole point of price-matching is to KEEP you in my store once you're already here.
- Internet Price-Matching: I don't care how nicely you ask, I will not price match this laptop with one you saw on eBay!
- The You-Don't-Have-It Blank Stare: When I tell you I don't have the item you're looking for, why do you then just stare at me like I have five heads? Staring doesn't make it appear.
- In-The-Back Shoppers: I know my inventory. It's a small department. With the possible exception of flash drives, desks, chairs, and RAM, if the item isn't on the shelf, I don't have it. And, no, I will not just go check for you "to make sure."
- Just to Be Sure: If you call and ask if it's in stock, and I tell you it is, why do you then ask me to make sure? I counted those laptops when I came in an hour ago. There were nine of them at that time. I've sold one. There's eight left. I don't need to look. And calling it "physically verifying" doesn't make your request any less insulting.
- Returning a Product Because You Didn't Listen: I TOLD you this computer doesn't have a DVD burner. I TOLD you its graphics card wasn't good enough for World of Warcraft. I TOLD you it didn't have MS Office. Don't you DARE try to blame me because the computer won't do what you want it to do. I explained that it would not do what you want, and you took it anyway.

There are more, but I have to go to work.
I suspect that... inside every adult (sometimes not very far inside) is a bratty kid who wants everything his own way.
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