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Riley Thorsen & Mattieu Carrefour - Poker Tournament - New Orleans

When Riley places her bet, Baz regards her levelly from behind his sunglasses, as unflappable as ever. He'd already called "check" and put in his own bet. Mattieu's own smirk hasn't faded either as he regards his cards, then nods. "Check," he nods, tossing in his own chips.

The dealer nods, sweeping his little scoop around the table to pull the chips into the central pile, then turns the river card.

The flop: 3 D, J H, 5 H
The turn: 4 S
The river: 7 C
Current Bet: 500
Riley's hole: 7 D, 7 H

At that revelation, Baz does the same thing he's done every hand when the turn and river cards are dealt. He clicks his jaw from side to side. It could be a tell, but it's just as likely he's throwing out a false one. For all his inscrutableness, he's low on chips. If he doesn't win this hand, he won't be able to afford the ante for the next hand.

Then he shakes his head. "Fold," he declares, sitting back and folding his arms.
Liam O'Keefe - On the phone - St. Louis

Mac Dubh takes the short response in stride. "I'm doin' some undercover work for the feds, and a name came up I think ye might be familiar with, you bein' ex-Emergency Response." After a pause, he says: "Morgan MacBride."

Liam would recognize the name. One of the most dangerous men to come out of the Troubles, an ex-IRA rogue element, MacBride is wanted by law enforcement groups throughout Europe and Stateside as well. "I got wind that he's in the US, and that he'll be in Missouri in a few weeks. I could use some help down here prepping for a possible takedown. Hanretty pointed me to you."
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