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Lets see how many high people can come in to the store.
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Default Lets see how many high people can come in to the store.

Guy comes in high AF carrying a battery. Wants to have it tested and charged. His is told to place it on the end of the counter. He walks to the end of the counter and proceeds to drop it on the floor. He placed it on the edge of the counter with most of its weight hanging out over thin air.
Of course upon impacting the floor it ruptures and started pouring acid onto the floor.
I pick up the battery and place it on the counter, holding it at an angle to keep it from leaking more till I can have a "leaker box" brought to me to place it in. I'm dumping baking soda on the battery the counter and the floor during this time to neutralize the acid.
After the battery is safely in the box and the acid neutralized I go back to the long line of customers that have been in the store longer than he has.
After standing around for a awhile he asks if he can get a new battery under the warranty.
Of course the answer is no, the warranty doesn't cover you dropping the battery 36 inches onto a concrete floor.
Before he left, abandoning the battery, he attempted to steal a drink from the cooler, claiming he had already paid for it. Security is standing right by the cooler and wasn't having any of that.
We would have giving him a $10 merchandise card for the battery if he had asked.

This kids is why you should not do drugs.