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Drive-thru disasters
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Unhappy Drive-thru disasters

This is a combination of suck and oops, the suck being on everyone's part and the oops on the lady at the window.

Hubs and I felt like Chinese for dinner so we went out to Panda Express. Our local one has a drive-thru, and instead of taking a grumpy baby inside, we used it for the first time.

There was one guy ahead of us (40's-ish) who kept loudly yelling at the speaker, "What's chow mein?!?" He may simply have been hard of hearing, but I really don't know who goes to a Chinese restaurant not knowing what chow mein was.

When we got to the speaker, it took us a minute to figure out how the board worked. We knew what we wanted, and when we ordered, our orders didn't show up on the screen at the speaker, it just showed us advertisements. This resulted in much confusion and we were almost short an order of chow mein, not to mention that they were out of half the food on the board, so it took us a while to order.

Going a little deeper into not having half the stuff on the board- this location is the only one I know of within 100 miles of me, and it always seems to be short something. I just have to wonder, how does a Chinese restaurant run out of fried rice? They are ALWAYS out of fried rice, to the point where I wonder if they even actually serve it.

Another note- the cashier lady called my husband "Ma'am." He's a rather large Southern man so I'm not sure why that happened. He got a bit stern with her, which was definitely sucky, but I know he was just hungry and irritated that half the food was gone.

We got to the window, got our food, and were out of there- only to discover that they only gave us one fortune cookie for what was clearly two orders.

Not really worth it for the heartburn, IMO.
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