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A canonical list of SCs
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Default A canonical list of SCs

I just thought it might make some posts shorter if there was a list of archetypal SC's.

Here's a few that come to mind right now.

The Haggler. - This guy tries to get a discount on everything. I've had people try to haggle on a U.$5.00 paperback. Some of these people just ask reflexively before even looking at the price. For some reason they all seem to be from New York or third world countries.

The Parking Scammer. - They want validation just for walking into the store. When told that there has there has to be some kind of transaction they come out with the "I'm a regular customer", and of course it's the first time you've seen them.

The Corporate Devil Woman. - She makes a lot of money doing something completely non productive consequently she thinks she is entitled to all your attention and abject subservience.

The Brood Mare. - Thinks that the fact that she has spawned means she doesn't have to consider anyone other than her kids.

The Lost Boy/Girl - Expects you to find everything for them. Phrases like "They are sorted by authors last name." mean nothing to them.

[no handle for this one]. - A lonely person who insist on hanging in the store and engaging you in conversation about his weird obsession.

Mr. Validate My Purchase. - Wants you to tell them how smart they are for buying what they just bought. Of course you can't tell them that Fung Shui is crap and Oswald acted alone.

I'm sure the rest of you will have additions to this list.
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