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GAME: Celebrity Scandal Pool!
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Default GAME: Celebrity Scandal Pool!

I am sure we've all heard of Dead Pools, wherein the participants each pick a number of celebrities they think will die that year.

Well, while I DO like that idea, I figured we could try something a little less macabre here.

To wit, a Celebrity Scandal Pool for 2009.

But Jester, how will it work?

Great question. Simple. Here are the basic rules:

1. Each participant will pick 3 celebrities that, for whatever reason, they think will make headlines in 2009 for all the wrong reasons. The winner of the pool is whoever picks the most right and/or whose celebrities screw the pooch the earliest.

2. There is no money on the line here. This is purely for shits and giggles....the giggles at the celebrities' expense, of course.

3. Definition of "celebrity" is someone people could reasonably have heard of, who is reasonably famous. And by famous I mean beyond just a local area. Technically speaking, I am a minor celebrity here in Key West. BBBBBZZZZZTTTT!!!!! No dice. Someone famous beyond just a local area, someone who is NOT a member of this board that we know of (what? We might have some celebrities on here--ya never know!), and someone whose celebrity I, as Arbiter of the Pool, can verify their fame from either my own knowledge or, at worst, a few minutes of research from sitting on my ass at my computer. (Since not all celebrities are American and/or known to me.) Celebrities can be politicians, actors, musicians, athletes, people famous for being famous (hello, Ms. Hilton!), authors, etc. Just because someone falls under one of the above categories does not, however, make them a celebrity--the third string punter on the University of Toledo football team is NOT a celebrity! When there is any question as to the validity of the celebrity of a person, the Arbiter of the Pool (that's me, y'all) has final say. My game, my rules, though of course I will try to be as fair as possible.

4. Headlines resulting from new developments in old scandals do not count. For example, if OJ Simpson makes headlines for appealing his current conviction, that is not a new scandal. If, however, he knifes someone in the cell block shower--yeah, that's a new scandal. And if Terrell Owens badmouths a teammate, sorry, that is the same as he's been doing all season. It has to be something NEW! Some examples of potential scandals are: anything that results in an arrest or police investigation; cheating on a spouse/SO; drugs; something that can potentially tarnish said celeb's reputation; racist comments; controversial comments/actions, etc. I am sure there are several other scenarios I haven't even thought of yet. Once again, the final decision as to what is or is not a new scandal falls to the Arbiter. Yeah, me again. Howdy.

5. Whenever one of your chosen celebrities gets embroiled in a scandal in 2009, it is your responsibility to contact me through this site and let me know, as frankly, I don't follow a lot of that Hollywood gossip crap unless it becomes so huge you can't escape it. Yeah, I love celebrating a famous person's misery, but I really don't seek those stories out, so it's up to you to keep a vague eye out for your three celebrities and their potential negative headlines.

6. The Celebrity Scandal Pool starts at midnight at the end of December 31, 2008/beginning of January 1, 2009. It ends at the same time a year later, New Year's Eve 2009/2010.

7. The winner will get bragging rights, and maybe an actual trophy or prize. I haven't decided yet.

8. No two participants can overlap their celebrities. Any overlapping picks, the person who picked later will be asked to pick anew. First come, first serve. If you are certain Jason Alexander is smoking crack, but someone picked him first, too bad, so sad, pick someone else.

9. The celebrity does not have to be alive. Scandals do pop up concerning dead celebrities. However, the living are far more likely to fuck up, so take this into consideration when making your picks.

10. This Pool is void in the 867 area code. This is the Gravekeeper Rule.

My three picks (to start this whole shebang out) are:

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. I don't think her fifteen minutes are done yet.
Actor Matt Damon. Why not? Fucker's been too clean for too long. And a lot of times, it's the people you don't expect it to be.
Pitcher CC Sabathia of Major League Baseball (and possibly soon the New York Yankees, though I don't know if that deal is done yet). Hey, I felt I HAD to have at least one athlete on this list!

This leaves a lot of the "easy" choices open for you people. You know, people like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid, Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Roger Clemens, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Barry Bonds, Kobe Bryant, Plaxico Burress, etc. I am sure there are far more.

So....who's jumping in the Pool with me?

EDITED TO ADD: For those of you who won't be reading the whole thread before making your picks, please note that the number of picks you get is now SIX, not three. Thank you, please drive through.

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