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Try deciphering someone with a hard accent to understand coupled with a really crappy cell phone connection. IT's all gibberish at that point.

But yes the people who insist on calling things by the wrong name, or won't say things clearly, annoy me to NO end. My mother did that constantly, just made up stupid names for every day items. That no one else used. That was embarrassing, and I grew to have zero tolerance for it.

To be honest I"m getting really sick and tired of two things: the constant shortening of words:
merch (merchandise dammit)
usz (usual, just the first part is said)
and others I can't think of right now but you get the idea.

Also calling businesses by the wrong name. When the hell did everyone start calling restaurants and banks stores? they are NOT stores. A store is like a grocery store, convenience store, furniture store, music store etc. A place that has hot food, that you order and eat on the premises (or delivers or whatever) is not a store. And a bank, that is a branch NOT a store.
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