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"That's okay," a voice says. "I'll let myself in." When Emmett looks up, he'd see the unmistakeable grin of Johnny Mercury, as the Divinity's messenger finishes stepping through the door as if it were naught but smoke.

The actor holds up his hands. He's not carrying any visible weaponry, and the only thing in his hands is a brown envelope. "Relax, Jager-meister," Johnny Merc says with a smile. "I come in peace." Then, just in case Emmett forgot who he is, and because he has an ego, he adds, "Johnny Mercury, movie star and Messenger of The Gods."

He makes himself comfortable in a chair in the office, looking around at whatever decor that Emmett has. "I have a few messages to pass along," he says. "First, Horace Farrow says thanks for the help on that lead he had on Wadjet's daughter. Weren't for you, it's likely she'd have gotten tangled up with Seth, and we don't need that monstrosity getting his hands on anyone else."

He taps the envelope against the arms of the chair as he adds, "Oh, and Selene wanted to say, she's following up on her own leads, trying to find that ring for you." Off any sort of reaction, Johnny holds up his hands. "Don't ask me how she knows. You know her-- she finds out everyone's secrets, especially if they're online."

He waves this aside. "Regardless, I'm mostly here to make a delivery," and he holds out the envelope. "Ordinarily, I'd have just dropped this in the mail slot, but, well, I was passing through, making sure that other P.I. in town, Mister-what-thinks-he's-a-wizard, is keeping out of trouble, so I figured I'd do this all personal like."

The envelope, when opened, would have the same kind of letter, and the plane ticket. In this case, however, no 8x10.
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