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Dear Mr. Noid,

We got in contact with your doctor and passed this letter to him. Also, the cartoon is just a form of entertainment.


W. Ebsitedevil

Dear Border Patrol Manager,

I was stopped at the border of Mexico by one of your rude Border Patrol officers who had the nerve to ask me what my purpose was for entering Mexico. I told him it was none of his business. He refused to lift the gate so I drove my car through it. The officer tried to come after me so I ran over his legs with my car and sped off. I want the Border Patrol officer fired and told it was none of his business that I'm getting away from the FBI for robbing several banks and jewelry stores. The FBI will never be able to arrest me if I'm in Mexico. I will not go to prison and will be living in my car until I find a place to live. I also want you to tell the Mexican police to leave me alone or I will run those who try to stop me over with my car.


Fu G. Tive
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