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I can't help what other people do
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Default I can't help what other people do

I completed an install on Thursday. We should never have been doing the install as the area was still under construction and this causes issues in 100% of cases, but that's another matter. We were there, we got the job done, we left. It was too much trouble for the client to show up, so I never got a sign off for the job being completed properly.

Six days later, they finally decide to show up and they aren't happy. This cabinet isn't where it should be, this station is out of alignment, this panel tile is falling off. I'm in the building anyways so I go in to handle these issues. Immediately, I'm put into a mood as my greeting is "are you going to fix that tile?" Not even a "hi", just straight to business with a bitchy attitude.

I get to work and get it handled. Obviously, some dumbass had been screwing around with it and couldn't figure it out, damaging it in the process, but nothing I can't handle.

Me: Okay, I got that fixed, it looks like somebody opened the tile. They damaged it but I took care of that.
SC: Well it was off when we came in
Me: Yes, on Thursday when I completed the job, it was fine. Today, six days later, it is not. I can't help if someone opens it up after I have completed my end of the job.

She maintains that it was off when she got there, ignoring the fact that this is six days and dozens of people working in the area since. We repeat the same song and dance for the other items. Even showing her photos of my completed work isn't enough to convince her. Apparently, after I finished the job, I was supposed to stay on site and guard everything to make sure nothing like this happens. Yeah, I'd love to, just make sure you pay for that service.
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