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Part of my issues are swallowing pills and remembering to take them every day. And the cost. If I was still living in the UK it wouldn't be an issue, but some of the oestrogen-free pills are $30-$60 per pack in Oz.

I can get the Implanon for $8 and inserted for $50 upfront (with a medicare claim back of $35ish). Yay for currently having a healthcare concession card.

I was originally looking at Mirena, but due to other issues I would need to be fully knocked out for insertion. That would mean going on a waiting list that could take up to 6 months to get to the head of. And cost me $200 to $300 after concession discount. If I was able to get it done in the doctor's office like a normal person, it would cost about the same as the Implanon.
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