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I'm on my second round of Nexplanon. I think it's very similar to Implanon - small tube inserted under the skin on the inside of the arm. Lasts 3 years, then it needs to be removed and replaced.

I also had an epic bruise both times. The insertion site was covered with tape and a pressure bandage that I was supposed to keep on for 24 hours. But with the shape of my arm, I guess, it kept rolling out of place. I think I managed to keep it on 18 hours and suffered no ill effects for not keeping it on longer. The tape under the wrap I was told to keep on until it fell off, which I still find rather funny. The tape would get loose on the edges and stick to my sleeve, so I cut off the ends as they came loose. That lasted about 5 days both times.

The first time, I didn't have a scar or mark that I noticed, but this time I have about a 1/4" scar at the insertion site. I think it's partially because the nurse practitioner had to do a lot of cutting to get the old one out. But she warned me about that before she removed it, that sometimes the body builds a "capsule" around the implant. She said it doesn't interfere with the implant releasing hormones, but it can make removal difficult. Then she inserted the new one right where the old one was, bandaged me up, and it was over. With the lidocaine, I didn't feel a thing.

After I got the first implant, I noticed some slight mood changes. Mostly I was more weepy. But I was also going through a divorce, so it's hard to tell if it was the implant's fault. I figured crying a bit more than before was a fine trade-off for not having to worry about getting pregnant.

Oh, and of course the best side-effect was that I haven't had my period since. My nurse practitioner said I can stay on the Nexplanon until I go through menopause, if I want. And I want!
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