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Tech Certs...anybody know this?
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Default Tech Certs...anybody know this?

Since my son has expressed some interest in programming (as well as mathematics), my wife and I were discussing possibly having him try to get certified at one point.

We were thinking about a Java certification. Most likely the OCA, Java SE 8 Programmer, and maybe the OCP, Java SE 8 Programmer II.

So I guess the big questions I have are:

1. Are minors (under 18) allowed to take these certification tests?
2. Would it really help with college admissions? Or maybe as a CLEP?

He wants to be a mathematician, so we think he'll probably major in math. But programming is a big part of math curricula these days, as far as I can tell.

My wife thinks it'd be a good idea just to go through the certification books, and just use the practice tests to see how much knowledge he retained.

I've also been thinking about this with the python language since it's hot right now.

Of course, he's still a few years away from college, as he starts High School next school year (August), and we want to start preparing now.

Any thoughts?
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