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Default huh?

Yeah, this story fits perfectly in this new board... this lady was sweet and in no way sucky, but she did ask one of those questions that just made me freeze mid sentence in my brain even.

background, she wanted to know about shuttle service to a game
me- well the shuttle definitely could take you to the game, and it's scheduled to run until 11pm, so unless the game REALLY goes over there's not going to be any problem getting the shuttle back.
her- well what do I do if it does go that far over?
me- if the game does go after 11 someone from guest services at the stadium can set up a cab for you, or you could call us and we can set up a cab for you, and it's less than a mile so you'd probably only being looking at minimum fare.
her- well what happens if the shuttle doesn't run all the way until 11 for some reason
(and she said this in more of a concerned way than a sucky way)
me- well short of some unforeseen emergency the shuttle would run up until 11pm
her- well, when would you find out if something unforeseen was going to happen tomorrow?
me- ... *brain freezes*
her- because I really need to know for sure that the shuttle would be still running up until 11pm
me- I'm sorry, but that's something we wouldn't know about in advance, it's kinda the chance we have to take.
her- ok, well, let me talk to my husband and see if we can work with that

... yeah, she was like the sweetest person ever, but that question about if I knew about what unforeseen events would happen just really through me for a loop... and I'm wondering what her and her husband can discuss because they'll get the same answer from every single hotel they call...
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