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Did he remember to empty the pockets? Or did his phone also get washed?
My sweetie is nothing but inventive. He has killed phones by:

Phone in pocket going through the washing machine.
Phone falling out of pants pocket into toilet.
Phone and holster plus belt slipping out of loops and falling into toilet.
Phone in vest pocket while riding motorcycle in a monsoon storm. (pocket didn't have drain holes and phones don't like to swim)
Phone falling out of pocket while getting into car unnoticed until I found the crushed remains in the driveway after he ran over it.
Phone being used as flashlight and dropped into bucket of oil.
Phone being used as a camera and getting dropped off boat. (there was another boat incident, I don't remember the details)

The list goes on, but my sweetie learns and never repeats his mistakes. Now, almost 25 years after his first cell phone, he's run out of ways to kill them. His last phone just died because it was almost 3 years old and that's what they do at that age.