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Portion control is a real big one for me. See also: "There's only 1 actual serving size of chips: THE BAG" I make the choice when shopping to get small bags of whatever tempting/craving thing. I may WANT the big bag of flavored potato chip, but I can satisfy with the little 1oz bag you'd throw in a kid's lunch. I generally pick up a 50 bag flat for $14, which will last me a while.

As for the 'super healthy protein' bars... if they don't satisfy, you're in an environment where too many alternatives are available, so they won't actually serve their intended purpose. (other than some chump bought the overpriced little things, that is) Might experiment a bit and see if there's something a little more suited.
I love the single serve junk food bags. See, I have been type 2 diabetic since 1980, and have been at a moderately steady 1800 calories a day for most of that time. Baked into that for the past almost 15 years by my current nutritionist is a 185 calorie a day 'junk food' [or healthy food, but she said it was free, I could dig into a bag of sugar with a spoon if I really wanted to rot my teeth] So, a single serve pack of whatever junk food appeals and works to kill any random junk food cravings i might turn up with.

If you want a good snack bar [protein, granola, whatever] you can find recipes to make them. I have a buddy who likes the more squishy type of protein bar, based upon palm oil, peanut butter and agave nectar with assorted stuff added and packages them in those do it yourself icy pop zippy bags so he can keep them in the freezer and pop them into his bag and not worry about them leaking - and he can sort of ooze them out of the zippy bag into his mouth like a gogurt =) [I just want to put alcoholic shakes and slushies in them =) ]

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How does that work? Because I base my general diet on protein, natural fats, and fiber, my glucose and insulin levels are not raised too high. When I was eating low-fat, low-calorie foods I had reactive hypoglycemia and I felt like I'd pass out if I didn't eat every 3 hours. Now I'm totally amazed that I can go up to 8 hours without eating and not feel faint or really anything bad except a little stomach grumble. I have one or two meals a day and a snack.
Historically we evolved to be hunter-gatherer omnivores - lots of moving around and grazing. If you look at mother nature, you see hi protein/hi fat [animals - yay meat =) ] low carb with reasonable high fiber [greens, shoots, stalks and seeds, since grasses and sedges tend to seed early and various species of them are seeding most of the summer into fall] and then late nuts and berries/fruits. So mainly fat, protein and fiber until fall then one gets the fattening stuff in toe to plump up for winter - when we dig up roots, barks and fallen nuts and fruits and dried berries still hopefully on the bush and eat critters [well I count fish and seafood among critters, some dont.]

When you understand how the liver manages glucose storage and release, you see your protein/fat/fiber based diet is fairly natural [even though celery is low carb, there is still residual carb that gets converted into glucose but fat gets stored then converted into glucose and other chemicals by the liver releasing chemicals to trigger it so one can go for a long time on ultra low carb diets and it burns off your fat. Just don't burn off your muscle mass by going into ketoacidosis...]

I think I have done under 150 grams of carbs a day most of the time for the past 20 odd years, though chemo screwed me up badly, i ended up eating a heavy carb 4000 or greater cal a day diet for most of the time I was on chemo and radiation [and I was still losing weight] but that is because my body was seriously messed up.

<an indicator of cancer being unusual weight loss is because the tumor cells burn glucose at a greater rate than normal so it boosts your metabolism better than 8 hours in the gym>
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