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So I went to get a COVID test. I had no problem making an appointment.

You have to isolate for 3 days afterwards. Fine.

You're supposed to get your test results online. Fine.

It's now 3 days and counting. Still no test results online.

The website says the results might have gone to your family doctor. My family doctor says no, they don't send the results there, they don't know why the website would say this.

My boss says most people get their results within 24 hours. I have had to call out sick for a third day.

The website says call the assessment centre. Nobody's answering; it's going straight to voicemail and it doesn't take messages. I hit "redial" repeatedly ... probably two dozen times before I finally get through.

I can't go back to work until I get my test results.


Update: FINALLY got through to the assessment centre, who transferred me to the results coordinator, who said it is a bit odd that my results aren't up yet, but not entirely out of the ordinary. She looked me up and said yes, I'm in the system but my results haven't come in yet, and she has no idea who told me 24 hours because it's more like 48-72 hours. Thankfully I have her direct number so if my results aren't online by, say, midnight tonight, I can call directly at 7 a.m. tomorrow and find out (again) WTF is going on.

Seriously ... does anybody actually think I would do this again??
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