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I will admit, I did call some posts not being sucky. Because to me, they weren't. That is my opinion.
Explain to me again why you feel you have a right to call them out, then, just because you didn't think they were sucky?

The 'not sucky' thing got way out of hand. There was a time when I would call people on things if I felt their own behaviour contributed to the problem, or if I thought they were simply complaining about being asked to do the job they were paid to do.
Unfortunately, that seems to be a fine line, and people have ended up being called out when they are coming here to vent because the job is getting to them.

There's a big difference in someone complaining because customers keep cleaning out a shelf of bread that one just finished filling, and in someone venting because of repeated customer behaviour that they may find annoying, even if we don't personally see it as all that sucky.

In the first case, the customer is buying the product, and it's the clerk's job to fill the shelf. It's kind of stupid to complain about a customer buying our product, since that's really the point of the job.

In the second case, while we may think it's nitpicky for a clerk to complain because a customer doesn't know the correct way to put their card in the reader, or which buttons to press, if that happens often enough in a day, it can get frustrating, especially when there are usually guides showing the correct way.

I still read posts and I am so tempted to point out that the person needs to get the heck out of retail because of their attitude, but, because I am a mod, and have a duty to set an example, I find myself reining it in a bit. If I go back to offering advice like that, it can be perceived as my giving permission to other members to call out all and sundry as they see fit.

I don't know if that makes sense. I may be rambling due to a lack of caffeine.
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