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Another cart hits a car and causes a minor meltdown
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Default Another cart hits a car and causes a minor meltdown

This one didn't involve me, but it happened in my lot on the job. A older man is loading a 80 pound bag of concrete into his car. I walk over to assist him, but he's able to get it into the car without a problem. His cart rolls out in the middle of the lot right as a woman is pulling out. He tries to reach for it, but is too late and the cart hits the side of the woman's car (an expensive looking SUV). She gets out to see what's going on, notices the cart and the man who explains that the cart rolled away from him. There isn't even a dent in her car (or if there is, it's microscopic). After a few seconds, she throws up her hands and says real sarcastically "Well that's AWESOME!" walks back to her car and drives away in a huff.

It was a minor meltdown, but seriously, what is it with people flipping out over such non issues?