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Mister/Miss lookie-loo

Hovers around the checkout but isn't ready yet but you still have to stand there forever waiting for them to decide what they want. You could be getting work done but you know the minute you walk away they will be ready.

How much iz dis?

Brings a bunch of stuff up to the register but wants you to check the price first. Bonus points if your store has a price checker TEN feet away from the checkout


Different form of price checking. Stands half the length of the store away and yells at you while pointing to something you can't see while yelling 'how much is this?' Bonus points if the floor worker is only a few feet away

Invisible workers

Customer who walks the full length of the store to ask for something to be unlocked or to use the bathroom when there are SIX people working five feet away from where they were.

Front checkout obsessed

The ones who think the ONLY place to check out on the whole store is at the front and then complains about the long lines when just five seconds ago they were standing at an alternate check out.
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