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1. No, I'm not going to the media, because I still hope to transfer around to another agency in my state government, and one of the terms of the settlement was to remove all records of the termination, basically trying to act like this never happened.

2. State regulations didn't let them pay me interest on the back pay, I'm still fighting for the back vacation and sick leave.

3. No action, that I was aware of, was taken against my former supervisor. I'm sure something was said in private, but he didn't lose his job over it.

4. Yeah. My usual office is about 30 minutes from my house, but once or twice a week I have to drive to another office about 90 minutes away. I do get paid mileage for the extra drive, and that adds up to several hundred dollars a month, so while I'd rather not be doing it, I'll deal with it for now.