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I'm still using the desktop computer I've had for years.
This is the key phrase, with the fact it's an HP machine coming a close second.

Depending on its design, you may not be able to find a motherboard that'll fit for one of two reasons: first, it's too damn old; second, it's HP and they've done something proprietary.

Older processors and the motherboards that support them do not tend to hang around on the market very long once newer, better stuff has been developed. The few parts you may find are likely to be stupidly priced, as their primary intended market is corporations and other similar monoliths that paid through the nose for some super-spiffy extra-technical doodad a few years back, and they need something of the same vintage to keep it operational.

The good news is that yes, the amount of RAM supported by a computer is directly connected to which motherboard you have installed. The bad news is that (assuming you can replace the board in the HP case) you're probably gonna have to buy a new motherboard, processor, RAM, and so on... It might be cheaper to just buy a lower-end new system as it's still likely to be better-specced than what you have now, and you won't have the worry of making sure everything's compatible.
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