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See, I could have avoided the whole thing entirely if my parents had the same TV set up that I have at home.

I have no commercials ever. My kid goes over there and it's like the home shopping network or something.

So she said she liked the "little hamsters" so off Mom went to get one, and somehow managed to get obliviously lucky. We later looked on Amazon to see what they were going for out of curiosity, and they're going for 50 bucks!

And people are PAYING that! I am of the opinion that you pay that kind of money for something like that, you deserve the dry cornholing you get.

Then I told my Mom, "listen, we will not be doing the 'hot toy' foolishness with these children." She was right there with me, she honestly didn't know what the deal was with them till after the fact. She just got them because my kid thought they were cute.

And she does play with it, it's a cute little thing. It sits on her work table and chirps at her. She colored it's back pink.