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Tales of the phone part @#$%&^87378
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Default Tales of the phone part @#$%&^87378

Tales from the Phone #1: Mush mouth supreme

I have been dealing with phones for most of my work life white and/or blue collar. I have a decent ability to "translate" most accents (either light or heavy) into reasonable American words.

This one was the exception. I was on this call for 10 minutes. The first 5 was just getting a PHONE NUMBER and then an address THEN 5 minutes for a VERY simple order. I spoke to TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH both of them spoke in the very same manner: this was a combo of a bad cell connection, Scooby Doo, adult speak from Charlie Brown and serious mush mouth.

Tales from the Phone #2: HA HA HA HA I'm so funny

this one is just somewhat typical for this time of year -- The 8 year old who thinks it is OOOHHHH SSSSOOOOOO funny and cool to phone prank a business.

Yeah right nice try but most of us have been around that block oooohhhh ssooo many times ourselves. Sorry no consolation prize for you. Go bug someone else.

This next one was just plain stupid.

Caller says "HEY is this Daddy Jim's (name changed just because)?

Me NOPE this is red roof pizza


Me I have an 8 year old on the other line who did way better. nice try <click>

Tales from the Phone #3: You were supposed to .....

One of my last deliveries on Sat. night. I get to the house and the "customer" is coming out the door.
he looks at me and I ask Hey did you order Red Roof Pizza tonight?
The guy looks at me real deadpan and says no.
SO I ask is this 123 A St. Upper. Yeah didn't order pizza.
OK Sorry for bothering you must be a prank and I turn around and start to head down the stairs. This is because I have had enough instances of pranks, bad address, wrong apartment designation, AND people who think joking around is acceptable, etc. and I am not going to go round and round.

The guy suddenly DID order and I come back and complete the transaction.

I head back to the store and about 20 minutes later the MOD gets a manager call. It was the guy calling in to "complain" that I didn't laugh or find funny his "joke".

Yeah "joke" on this asshole.

Do this or any job for a while and those "jokes" just get stupid and lame after the millionth time.
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