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I started wearing hearing aids about 15 years ago, and even with them, I've lost some parts of the 'sound spectrum,' or certain frequencies.

Add to this some frequencies of typical female speech, and even with hearing aids on, and the volume set to '100,' no dice.

Closed captioning is my new-found friend! Hello again, Expanse!
I've been wearing them since 4th grade (age 9 for non-USians, and I'm past 50 now), and I've certainly lost more hearing over time. My own impairment has gone from "Mild" to "Moderate". And yeah, female and kids voices are the big problem. Between "Fun House" (play with mostly-female cast including a child) and Wrinkle In Time (movie with female star, young boy co-star, and various other females), it's been a tough week for my ears.