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One LD charge that we always credit back shows up as #2030 because it's a known scam, but I always make a point of looking at all the bills when a caller disputes their long distance charges. Nine times out of ten when presented with the evidence of the repeated LD calls the customer will suddenly realize that they DID make those calls, including one today that I googled to find out if it was connected to a company - the caller did admit he called that company but did not realize that it was a LD number in the US.

@CrazedClerkthe2nd, confusing promotions are a big call driver right now but it has more to do with folks not reading the fine print about what they need to do in order to be eligible for said promotion. Why isn't that phone $0 down on your current phone plan? Well, because you have to have a certain tier of plan in order to get that phone at $0 down, and no amount of arguing will change it. Or for many of our data bonuses the customerstill need to meet specific criteria, even if they feel you should get it just because they're a special snowflake. When I started this job, I kept hoping that what you had posted wouldn't be a thing with the company I work for, but it totally has been. There are times when I wish I had the authority and power to shut entitled assholes down and cancel their accounts when they've stepped WAY beyond any and all boundaries.
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