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Quoth EricKei View Post
"I'm very sorry to have wasted your time, Sir. In order to avoid doing that going forward, I am now terminating this call. Good bye." *click*
I'm so going to use this! I wish I'd said this during a few calls today where the customers were stubbornly refusing to believe anything I said and told me I was wasting their time. Mind you, I did tell one guy that I was not going to get into it with him and his incorrect math over what he figured his late fee should have been on his recent bill and it was a waste of time to do the math for an entire year considering that he will not be assessed a late fee if he pays his bill by the due date...why argue about something that has not even happened yet? Ugh.

Speaking of voices, a work buddy of mine used to work in radio and has an amazing speaking voice but he definitely has a face for radio! I love listening to him take calls because on top of his voice he also tells some of the most amazing stories when he is building a rapport with a caller. As my own voice, I sound like a pretty girl next door when in actual fact I'm a plus-size Goth chick. My customer service voice definitely makes me sound way nicer than I really am, which seems to be a common theme!
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